An illustration (Figure 6) of Eumecoides mylocoelus, holotype (KUMVP 5115) from the original description (Taylor, 1941). A, Lateral view of left dentary, enlarged. B, Same, medial view. C, Single tooth from near middle of series. D, Cross section of dentary (reconstructed to show contrast with fig. SD).
REPTILIA (Reptiles) SQUAMATA (PART) (Other Lizards) PHRYNOSOMATIDAE (Sand and Spiny Lizards)

Meade Skink
Eumecoides mylocoelus Taylor 1941

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Meade (1);

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1928 Ortenburger, Arthur I. The whip snakes and racers: Genera Masticophis and Coluber. Memiors of the University of Michigan Museum (1):1-247
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Biota associated with the various local faunas in SW Kansas, principally in Meade County.
1941 Taylor, Edward H. Extinct lizards from Upper Pliocene deposits of Kansas. State Geological Survey of Kansas, Bulletin 38(5):165-176
Original descriptions of Aspidoscelis bilobatus, Plestiodon striatulatus, Eumecoides hibbardi, and Eumecoides mylocoelus.
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