ANURA — Frogs


True Toads — BUFONIDAE
American Toad Anaxyrus americanus (Holbrook 1836)
Great Plains Toad Anaxyrus cognatus (Say in James, 1822: 190)
Chihuahuan Green Toad Anaxyrus debilis (Girard 1854) — Threatened
Fowler's Toad Anaxyrus fowleri (Hinckley 1882)
Red-spotted Toad Anaxyrus punctatus Baird & Girard 1852 — SINC
Woodhouse's Toad Anaxyrus woodhousii (Girard 1854)

Treefrogs and Allies — HYLIDAE
Blanchard's Cricket Frog Acris blanchardi Harper 1947
Cope's Gray Treefrog/Gray Treefrog complex Hyla chrysoscelis/versicolor Cope 1880/LeConte 1825
Spotted Chorus Frog Pseudacris clarkii (Baird 1854)
Spring Peeper Pseudacris crucifer (Wied 1838) — SINC
Boreal Chorus Frog Pseudacris maculata (Agassiz 1850)
Strecker's Chorus Frog Pseudacris streckeri Wright & Wright 1933 — Threatened

Micohylid Frogs and Toads — MICROHYLIDAE
Eastern Narrow-mouthed Toad Gastrophryne carolinensis (Holbrook 1836) — Threatened
Western Narrow-mouthed Toad Gastrophryne olivacea (Hallowell, 1856)

True Frogs — RANIDAE
Crawfish Frog Lithobates areolatus (Baird & Girard 1852) — SINC
Plains Leopard Frog Lithobates blairi (Mecham, Littlejohn, Oldham, Brown & Brown 1973)
American Bullfrog Lithobates catesbeianus (Shaw 1802)
Green Frog Lithobates clamitans (Latreille 1801) — Threatened
Pickerel Frog Lithobates palustris (LeConte 1825)
Southern Leopard Frog Lithobates sphenocephalus (Cope 1886)

North American Spadefoots — SCAPHIOPODIDAE
Plains Spadefoot Spea bombifrons (Cope 1863)


BUFONIDAE — True Toads
Wyoming Toad Anaxyrus baxteri (Porter 1968)
Canadian Toad Anaxyrus hemiophrys (Cope 1886)
Texas Toad Anaxyrus speciosus (Girard, 1854) — Possible
South American Cane Toad Rhinella marina (Linnaeus 1758)

HYLIDAE — Treefrogs and Allies
Green Treefrog Hyla cinerea (Schneider 1799) — Accidental
Barking Treefrog Hyla gratiosa Leconte 1856
Squirrel Treefrog Hyla squirella Bosc 1800
Cuban Treefrog Osteopilus septentrionalis (Dumeril and Bibron 1841) — Accidental
Cajun Chorus Frog Pseudacris fouquettei Lemmon, Lemmon, Collins, Cannatella (2008) — Possible

PIPIDAE — Clawed Frogs
African Clawed Frog Xenopus laevis Daudin, 1802 — Accidental

RANIDAE — True Frogs
Northern Leopard Frog Lithobates pipiens (Schreber 1782) — Possible
Wood Frog Lithobates sylvaticus (LeConte 1825) — Questionable

SCAPHIOPODIDAE — North American Spadefoots
Couch's Spadefoot Scaphiopus couchii Baird 1854 — Possible
Hurter's Spadefoot Scaphiopus hurterii Strecker 1910 — Possible
Mexican Spadefoot Spea multiplicata (Cope 1863) — Possible

EXTINCT TAXA (in prep)

BUFONIDAE — True Toads
  Hibbard's Toad Anaxyrus hibbardi (Taylor 1941)
  Compact Toad Anaxyrus pliocompactilis (Wilson 1968)
  Rexroad Toad Anaxyrus rexroadensis (Tihen 1962)
  Nebraska Toad Anaxyrus valentinensis (Estes and Tihen 1964)

RANIDAE — True Frogs
  Doubt Frog Anchylorana dubita Taylor 1942
  Moore's Frog Anchylorana moorei Taylor 1942
  Robust-backed Frog Anchylorana robustocondyla Taylor 1942
  Morsel Frog Lithobates bucella (Holman 1965)
  Saddlecloth Frog Lithobates ephippium (Taylor 1942)
  Mrs. Hibbard's Frog Lithobates fayeae (Taylor 1942)
  Meade Frog Lithobates meadensis (Taylor 1942)
  Small Frog Lithobates parvissima (Taylor 1942)
  Rexroad Frog Lithobates rexroadensis (Taylor 1942)
  Strong Frog Lithobates valida (Taylor 1942)

SCAPHIOPODIDAE — North American Spadefoots
  Antique Spadefoot Scaphiopus antiquus (Taylor 1941)
  Harden's Spadefoot Scaphiopus hardeni Holman 1975
  Different Spadefoot Spea diversus (Taylor 1942)
  Neutral Spadefoot Spea neuter (Kluge 1966)
  Noble's Spadefoot Spea nobeli (Taylor 1942)

  Trego Toad Tregobatrachus hibbardi

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