Figure 3 from the original description (Eschelman, 19750). (A, B) Phrynosoma holmani, holotype, right dentary, V61389, labial and lingual views.
REPTILIA (Reptiles) SQUAMATA (PART) (Other Lizards) PHRYNOSOMATIDAE (Sand and Spiny Lizards)

Holman's Horned Lizard
Phrynosoma holmani (Eshelman 1975)

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The meckelian groove is deeper than in living forms and the upper and lower borders of this groove are not fused or in contact with one another. A lingual shelf near the base of the teeth is heavy and broadened mesially. Depth of the dentary below the meckelian groove is greater than in living species of the genus. The teeth are weakly cuspate, stout, and bluntly peg-like, exhibiting anteroposterior compression.


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Natural History:

Originally described as Sceloporus holmani by Eshelman (1975). Van Devender and Eshelman (1979) transferred the species to Phrynosoma.

1975 Eshelman, Ralph E. Geology and paleontology of the early Pleistocene (late Blancan) White Rock fauna from northcentral Kansas. University of Michigan Museum of Palenontology, Papers on Paleontology. (13):60
1979 Van Devender, Thomas and Ralph E. Eshelman. Referral of the fossil lizard Sceloporus holmani (Late Pliocene of North-Central Kansas) to the genus Phrynosoma. Herpetologica 35(4):380-382
Sceloporus holmani from the late Pliocene of north-central Kansas, USA (Eschelman, 1975), is referred to the genus Phrynosoma. The fossil record of Phrynosoma is discussed.
1987 Montanucci, Richard R. A phylogenetic study of the horned lizards, genus Phrynosoma, based on skeletal and external morphology. Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Contributions in Science (390):1-36
1993 Bell, Christopher J. Fossil lizards from the Elsinore Fault Zone, Riverside County, California. PaleoBios 15(2):18-26
Brief mention on the lack of knowledge regarding the squamosal horn patterns of P. adinognathus and P. holmani.
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