Dane G. Hansen Scholarship Hall Application

Please complete the following application to apply for the Fort Hays State University Dane G. Hansen Scholarship Hall. Upon completion of this application for the 2020-2021 academic year, you should receive a confirmation e-mail and be contacted by Fort Hays State University College of Business and Entrepreneurship staff within a week. If accepted, you will be required to complete all Residential Life applications and paperwork for the Scholarship Hall.

I. Personal Information

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II. Work Experience

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Employer Position From Date To Date Hours / Week

III. Statement of Entrepreneurial Interest

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  In the form fields provided below, please describe why this scholarship should be awarded to you. Do not exceed 1,000 words including those in the form itself. Type directly in the fields below.
Provide a brief description of why you are interested in entrepreneurship.
Outline some entrepreneurial business opportunities that you are interested in pursuing.
Your Goals
Describe what a successful entrepreneurial career looks like in your mind.
Entrepreneurship Activities
What activities have you participated in that are related to Entrepreneurship?
  E.g. Kansas Startup, FHSU Entrepreneurial Challenge, Entrepreneurship Tour of ______, worked in startup business, started my own business, competed in ________ entrepreneurship competition, participated in an entrepreneurship internship, have been part of a family business, completed _______ classes (names listed) related to entrepreneurship...

IV. Final Summary

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Why are you an ideal candidate for this learning opportunity?

V. Transcript

  Applicants are required to submit an unofficial transcript. You may upload an electronic copy of the transcript here.

VI. Permission and Certification

  Please review the following and certify that the information is complete by clicking the checkbox. You may then submit your application.
If I am selected to become a resident of the Dane G. Hansen Scholarship Hall, in addition to meeting and maintaining all scholarship hall eligibility requirements and responsibilities, I agree to attend and fully participate in the Hansen Scholarship Hall Community activities including, but not limited to, the following examples:

  • Community meeting
  • Tiger Talk Brainstorming sessions to discuss ideas and opportunities
  • Presentations on key topics provided by faculty, guest speakers, area entrepreneurs
  • Attend and participate in one monthly hall (residents only) pitch practice session
  • Attend and participate in one monthly hall Entrepreneur Round Table Discussion Event
  • Attend and participate in one monthly hall Video Conference Speaker Session
Each Semester
  • Tour of Local/Regional Business
  • Attend and Participate in a local/regional elevator pitch competition
  • Attend an on Entrepreneurship Direct Series Speaker campus event
  • Attend an off campus event related to entrepreneurship
  • Develop and conduct a feasibility analysis on one entrepreneurial idea
  • Attend Kansas Startup / Entrepreneurial Challenge
Academic Year
  • Participate in one Service Learning Entrepreneurship Project
  • Complete a business plan for one idea
  • Attend and participate in one regional/national pitch or business plan competition
  • Develop an annual personal entrepreneurship strategic plan with self-assessment and progress review with faculty/entrepreneur mentor
  I hereby certify that the information contained above is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that any false information, omissions or misrepresentations of facts called for in this application may disqualify my application or result in my scholarship being revoked. Failure to comply with the Dane G. Hansen Scholarship Hall participation requirements will result in revocation of the scholarship and relocation of the student to a different Residential Life Hall. I agree to give permission for my unofficial transcript to be released to the donor foundation for review at the end of each semester. I agree to abide by and fulfill all scholarship hall community and residential life requirements and responsibilities.
Please certify the above statements to submit your application.
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