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Gulinna A

Instructional Designer
Technology Services
 Tomanek Hall 166
 (785) 628-4482

Viktoryia Abramenka

Instructor of Modern Languages/Virtual College International
Modern Languages/Virtual College International
 Rarick Hall 305
 (785) 628-4686

Bader Abukhodair

Instructor of Mathematics

Cathy Adams

Instructor of English/Virtual College International

Jack Adams

Faculty / Staff

John Adams

Faculty / Staff

Kellen Adams

Faculty / Staff

Lynn Adams

Director, Student Health Center
Student Health Center
 Memorial Union 054
 (785) 628-4293

Monti Adams

Faculty / Staff

Dr. Paul Adams

Dean, College of Education and Technology
College of Education
 Rarick Hall 213B
 (785) 628-5866

Dr. Kayvan Aflatooni

Professor of Physics
 Tomanek Hall 247
 (785) 628-5357

Lance Albin

Faculty / Staff
 (785) 628-5805

Dr. Bobby Alexander

Assistant Professor of Economics, Finance and Accounting
Economics, Finance and Accounting
 McCartney Hall 203A
 (785) 628-5867

Dr. Hendratta Ali

Assistant Professor of Geosciences
 Tomanek Hall 239
 (785) 628-4608

Deborah Allen

Custodial Services
 (785) 628-4297

Geralyn Allen

Human Resource Specialist
Human Resource Office
 Sheridan Hall 112B
 (785) 628-4458

Dr. Ivalah Allen

Assistant Professor of Music and Theatre
Music and Theatre
 Malloy Hall 239
 (785) 628-4281

John Allen

Print Shop Manager
Printing Services
 (785) 628-5310

Karen Allen

Executive Assistant to the President
Office of the President
 Sheridan Hall 312
 (785) 628-4231

Dr. William Allen

Assistant Professor of Leadership Studies/Virtual College International
Leadership Studies/Virtual College International

Robert Alvarez

Faculty / Staff

Dr. Gary Andersen

Associate Professor of Teacher Education
Teacher Education
 Rarick Hall 223B
 (785) 628-4622

Carolyn Anderson

Instructor of Economics, Finance and Accounting
Economics, Finance and Accounting
 McCartney Hall 216E
 (785) 628-4016

George Anderson

Faculty / Staff
 (785) 628-5809

Harold Anderson

Faculty / Staff

Patricia Anderson

Faculty / Staff

Saundra Anderson

Faculty / Staff
 (785) 628-5809

Dr. Laura Andrews

Associate Professor of Music and Theatre
Music and Theatre
 Malloy Hall 234
 (785) 628-5352

Travis Angell

Faculty / Staff

Margo Apostolas

Faculty / Staff
 Sheridan Hall 112
 (785) 628-4619

Dr. Jill Arensdorf

Chair, Department of Leadership Studies
Leadership Studies
 Rarick Hall 235C
 (785) 628-4303

Alicia Arias

Assistant Professor of Nursing
 Stroup Hall 151
 (785) 628-4586

Karla Armbrister

Faculty / Staff

Jonathon Armstrong

Assistant Director of Admissions
 Picken Hall 209
 (785) 628-4020

Micki Armstrong

Advisor, Student Engagement and Advising Center
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
 Custer Hall 305
 (785) 628-5369

Dr. Kelly Arnberger

Faculty / Staff

David Arndt

Faculty / Staff

Adam Arnhold

Equipment Operator
 (785) 628-4039

Rose Arnhold

Associate Professor of Sociology
 Rarick Hall 233E
 (785) 628-5397

Chantelle Arnold

Financial Assistance Counselor
Financial Aid Office
 Picken Hall 202
 (785) 628-5870

Charmion Arthur

Coordinator of Campus Interior Design
Art and Design
 Rarick Hall 111A
 (785) 628-4310

John Aschenbrenner

Custodial Supervisor
Custodial Services
 Brooks Building 113
 (785) 628-5557

Donald Ashbaugh

Faculty / Staff

Elizabeth Ashton

Faculty / Staff

Nuchelle Atkinson

Faculty / Staff

Scott Aughenbaugh

Faculty / Staff

Ashley Augustine

Faculty / Staff

Donna Augustine

Horticultural Supervisor
 (785) 628-4039

Jeffrey Augustine

Facilities Maintenance Technician
Buildings Maintenance
 (785) 628-5334

Luella Augustine

Custodial Services
 (785) 628-4297

Mark Augustine

Faculty / Staff

Dr. James Austin

Assistant Professor of English
 Rarick Hall 376
 (785) 628-4229

Jean Aycock

Education Director, Kansas Wetlands Education Center
Kansas Wetlands Education Center
 (620) 566-1456

Maria Azpeitia

Faculty / Staff
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