Mosasauridae 12
Clidastes propython

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Gove (2); Logan (10); Unknown (5); Wallace (4);

Natural History:


1869 Cope, Edward D. Remarks on the fossil reptiles Clidastes propython, Polycotylus latipinnis and Ornithotarsus immanis. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 2(81):116-117
1872 Webb, William E. Buffalo Land - An authentic account of the discoveries, adventures, and mishaps of a scientific and sporting party in the Wild West. Hubbard Brothers, Philadelphia. 503pp.
1896 Williston, Samuel W. Range and distribution of the Mosasaurs, with remarks on synonymy. The Kansas University Quarterly 6(4):177-186
1899 Williston, Samuel W. Some additional characters of Mosasaurs. The Kansas University Quarterly 8(1):39
1903 Williston, Samuel W. and Oliver C. Farrington. North American plesiosaurs. Part 1. Field Columbian Museum Geological Series 2(1):1-77
1985 Schultze, Hans-Peter, L. Hunt, J. Chorn, and A. M. Neuner. Type and figured specimens of fossil vertebrates in the collection of the University of Kansas Museum of Natural History. Part II. Fossil amphibians and reptiles. University of Kansas Museum of Natural History, Miscellaneous Publication (77):1-66
Also check on several listed names not in KHA as KS taxa.
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