Figure from Holman (1964), of the holotype (University of Nebraska No. 61031) precaudal vertebra of Paleoheterodon tiheni g From left to right, dorsal view, posterior view, ventral view (dorsal view X 5½, others X 6) .
REPTILIA (Reptiles) SQUAMATA (PART) (Snakes) DIPSADIDAE (Harmless Rear-Fanged Snakes)

Paleo Plains Hog-nosed Snake
Paleoheterodon tiheni Holman 1964

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A snake similar to Heterodon Latreille, but differing in having the neural arch vaulted (depressed in Heterodon), and in having the accessory processes short (longer in Heterodon).


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Trego (8);

Natural History:

The species is named in recognition of the paleoherpetological contributions of Dr. Joseph A. Tihen.

1964 Holman, J. Alan. Fossil snakes from the Valentine Formation of Nebraska. Copea 1964(4):631-637
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