Figure 10 from the original description of Nerodia hillmani (Wilson, 1968). a-b, Nerodia hillmani, maxilla, UMMP V55706, lateral and ventral views. c-e, Nerodia hillmani, holotype, precaudal vertebra, UMMP V55701, anterior, lateral, and ventral views. Figure elements have been repositioned from the original to better fit the image boundaries.
REPTILIA (Reptiles) SQUAMATA (PART) (Snakes) NATRICIDAE (Harmless Egg-Retaining Snakes)

Hillman's Watersnake
Nerodia hillmani (Wilson 1968)

Conservation Status:


A small natricine with a low neural spine thickened at the dorsal and posterior margins; hypapophyses and epizygopophysial spines well developed and zygosphene strongly crenate. From Wilson (1968).


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Trego (7);

Natural History:

The closest extant species to N. hillmani possibly is Regina alleni (R. grahamii not examined) and differs from this form only by the relatively smaller size and lower neural spine with expanded dorsal and posterior edges. A maxillary (text-fig. 10a-b) is tentatively assigned to N. hillmani. The tooth shape is similar to that described by Rossman (1963) for R. grahamii. The maxilla held approximately twelve teeth from the anterior extreme to the posterior margin of the medial process. Several caudal vertebrae referred to this species, exhibit the wide postero-lateral directed transverse processes as in R. alleni and other closely allied species.
Named for Mr. Lowell Hillman, owner of the property where the excavation of the WaKeeney local fauna was carried out.
From Wilson (1968).

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