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Enhancement - Advising9/15/15 - 2:30PM

  • Users with Dean access who aren't advisors or chairs may now view all advisees within the college they have access to.

Bug Fix - Course Rosters8/24/15 - 9:15AM

  • Instuctors with Cancelled Courses were having courses dissapear from their list when they clicked on a course. This is now corrected.

Enhancements - Welcome Page8/24/15 - 9:15AM

  • Changes have been made to Weather and the Social modules to allow the Welcome page to load faster.

Bug Fix - Social8/10/15 - 2:30PM

  • Facebook News, Like and Comments are again working correctly.
  • Twitter Feed now displaying.

Enhancements - Preferred Name8/10/15 - 2:30PM

  • Faculty and Staff Preferred Names will now be show throughout the system.

Enhancements - Grade Entry6/2/15 - 8:01AM

  • Improved Individual Grade Entry Reports.

Enhancements - Advising and Student Information5/14/15 - 8:23AM

  • Honors College and Learning Community information now displayed when viewing an Advisee.
  • Honors College and Learning Community information now displayed when quick viewing student information.
  • One may now search Advisees by entering part or all of a FHSU Number.

Bug Fix - Grade Entry5/14/15 - 8:23AM

  • 'Enter Intersession Grades' was errenously being shown next to the 'Enter Spring Grades' link for some users.

Bug Fix - E-Mail Advisees5/5/15 - 9:45AM

  • Duplicate e-mails were being sent when multiple e-mail addresses were entered into the 'To' field.
  • Duplicate e-mails were being sent when the 'To' field included a non-existant @fhsu.edu e-mail address.