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Ticket CategoryPriceNo. of Orders
Spring Ticket: Individual Reserved (ages 18 to 64) $115.00
Spring Ticket: Individual Unreserved (ages 18 to 64) $100.00
Spring Ticket: Senior Citizen Reserved (age 65+) $105.00
Spring Ticket: Senior Citizen Unreserved (age 65+) $90.00
Spring Ticket: Child Reserved (ages 5 through 17) $80.00
Spring Ticket: Child Unreserved (ages 5 through 17) $65.00
Spring Ticket: FHSU Student Reserved (1 set of tickets) $70.00
Spring Ticket: FHSU Student Unreserved (1 set of tickets) $60.00
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If you would like payroll deductions, please fill out the paper form and return to the Encore Series Office. Season Ticket renewal deadline: August 27, 2018
Additional Information
Special Considerations for Seating:

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I desire the same seat(s) I had as the last season.
I was a season ticket holder last season, but would like to move to a new location.
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I am a new Season Patron (will process after August 28, 2018).
I would like tickets located in section(s)  
(see seating diagram specific row or seat may be requested, but we cannot guarantee exact location of seats.)
I require wheelchair accessible seating.

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